Get Ready for a Wild Night

What's all this now?

Gather round y'all, we're corralling all the BitBlockBoom attendees together for a Bitcoin Roundup!

The Texas Bitcoin Roundup is a one-of-a-kind Barn Party event - Join us for a night of unforgettable fun and networking out at the Ranch!

Texas First and

Bitcoin Only

Just how we like it!

We've planned a jam-packed night for Bitcoiners to get together and talk shop, swap stories, and get to know one another.

No Sh!tcoining allowed, or we'll swiftly give you the boot!

Our aim is to foster new friendships and create community with fellow Bitcoiners - from both near and far!

A Hoe-Down with a Purpose

Let's Orangepill Texas!

The Roundup is a Fundraiser event whose proceeds go to the Texas Bitcoin Project, a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to accelerating Texas Bitcoin adoption.

Your donations and support help immensely in our outreach efforts!

Check out the Texas Bitcoin Project

We'd love to have you!

With your help, we can boot-scoot our way to Texas Bitcoin adoption!

Last Year's Roundup

What in Tarnation?


When's the Roundup?

5:30pm-10:30pm on Wednesday April 10th, 2024

Where's the Roundup?

Just outside of Fort Worth, roughly 35 mins from the BBB hotel.

Event Venue details will be shared after your ticket purchase.

Do I have to donate to attend?

Nope! It's a fundraising event, but all donations are voluntary. If you don't want to donate anything, that is peachy keen with us! The only rule is to have fun with your fellow Bitcoiners.

What's the Dress Code?

Cowboy and Cowgirl attire welcome! That said, there is no dress code at the Roundup.

Can I bring a Friend or Date?

Yes, it's encouraged! It's a perfect date night with a spouse. Just purchase 2 tickets at checkout.

Are kids allowed?

Yep! Kids can come for free.

That said, we don't have any child-specific programming or entertainment. There also will be alcoholic drinks around in the evening.

Will there be Parking?

Yes, there will be free parking available at the event venue.

What about Photography?

Warning: There will be a photographer and videographer at the event for social media. If that is an issue and you would like to remain anonymous, just let the photographer know at the beginning of the night.

We respect Bitcoiner's privacy - if there are any photos you would like taken down and destroyed, we will be happy to oblige!

Is my ticket refundable?

In most cases, tickets are generally non-refundable.

Tickets sales are considered final and are non-refundable 14 days out from the Roundup.

What if it rains?

Don't worry! There is a Barn and Covered porch that can house all guests, and 90% of the activities can be transitioned inside in case of rain.

What's the Texas Bitcoin Project?

Check out more details at!

Do I have to attend BitBlockBoom to attend?

Nope! But you'd be missing out on the best Bitcoin conference in the country. Just sayin'.

Can I Sponsor the Roundup?

Yes! Just reach out to us for details.

No Sh!tcoins or Web3 projects.

Can Non-Texans Attend?

Of course! All are welcome. Bitcoin is for everyone, and the more the merrier!

Can Non-Bitcoiners Attend?


Join us Y'all!

We'd love to have you join us for an incredible night of fun and festivities.

Get your tickets now... while supplies last!

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